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Who We Are

This company started almost 16 years ago from humble beginnings. With just a small desk, fax machine and a second hand desktop computer. 

Then by word of mouth it grew from the referrals of our happy clientele customers. 

We have around 40 employees who are committed to continue the level of quality standard that the company has been recognized over the years. AP Marquez Construction Inc or APMCI 



Our Services

This is an umbrella term that refers to a wide range of construction phases and operations, managed by our general contractor, working closely with the client during the process of the build.

Under this service you can expect our team of engineers to provide any and all construction work required to complete the vision of a particular project such as:

•   Groundwork and foundations
•   Vertical construction (houses and buildings)
•   Utilities installation (plumbing and electrical)
•   Renovation (remodeling and expansion)
•   Aesthetics application (interior and architectural design)

The full scope of our construction capacity will rely on the project itself as additional procedures may be necessary to fulfill the overall completion.

This refers to the overseeing of any and all work on a construction project with the intent that it be completed to the client’s specifications, budget, and schedule.

Under this service you can expect our team of engineers to handle everything efficiently until the completion:

• Precise assessment of parameters of the build vision
• Accurate quotations to manage the budget
• On-site management of labor
• On-site management of materials and equipment
• Close work with client to maintain direction and schedule
• Maintaining any legal and environmental responsibilities

This refers to the phase wherein the overall features, aesthetics, and functions of a construction project are formulated and finalized before being passed on to the construction team to be built.

During this critical phase we work closely with our clients through the methodical steps in bringing their project’s vision to life:

• Schematic Drafting – Wherein information is gathered from the client about how the project is envisioned, how it will function, and what are the specifications. Simple drafts will be formed from this information for the client to review.
• Design Outline – Wherein the schematic drafts are refined further and given more realistic parameters to reflect how a real building would be erected. Any changes to be made with the client must be done at this stage.
• Construction Orders – Wherein the outlines are finalized and converted into the blueprints which the contractors will require in order to begin construction.

This refers to the phase of a building’s wherein attention is placed how the interior looks, feels, and functions in order to present a face, or personality for the building itself. These will be focused towards the purpose of the structure, as well as to the people it will cater to.

Under this service you can expect our designers to work closely with you in exploring near limitless options to breathe life into your project, such as:

• Floor textures
• Wallpaper/paint
• Lighting fixtures and manipulation
• Furnishings and features
• Decor
• Tailored ambiance towards clientele

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Cool Number
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Contact Us

Send us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


    #8 G. Araneta & # 25 S.Marino St., Katarungan Vill., Muntinlupa City 
    Direct line: (02) 519-7708
    Telefax: (02) 794-9964
    Mobile Nos.: 0928-507-1113 / 0922-833-440
    Globe Landline: 729-69-64 / 899-07-16

    Email Address: [email protected] /  [email protected]

    Facebook: AP Marquez Construction Inc.